Together, we make everything happen

Benz Advisory draws on a network of highly skilled international professionals and teams to best meet the needs of clients.

Depending on the scope of an assignment, we work with the best experts from our global network to ensure optimal service and results. These professionals have wide-ranging skills and experience in all aspects of healthcare and life sciences communications.

We also work with the following partners to offer first-class services and support:

Bright Space is a strategy-led creative consultancy that helps businesses communicate value where it matters most.

Previously known as Cambre Associates, SEC Newgate EU is a Brussels-based advocacy and communications consultancy. 

Consilium Strategic Communications is an established global leader in strategic healthcare communications and investor relations advisory with operations in London, Europe and the US.

Healthcare Shapers – an international network of consultants for the healthcare industry.

Hemex is a bench-to-market life sciences provider committed to changing the future of healthcare by guiding the most promising start-ups through each and every step to bring innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices and in vitro diagnostics to the market. Offices are located in Switzerland, Germany and USA.

addvantedge GmbH supports both healthcare start-ups and investors in maximizing results and reducing investment risk. Based on an in-depth analysis of the target market and the competitive environment, addvantedge anticipates the future development of specific market segments. In addition, it supports established companies in scouting for new projects, for acquisitions or for vertical integrations.